Who’s Involved

I’m a poet and writer with interests in neuroscience, speech, and radio, amongst other topics. My website contains links to my poetry publications and other writing, including Interior Traces, a project which explored past, present and possible future applications of neuroscience in the areas of law and medicine. I’m also a PhD student at the London Consortium, who are supporting this project alongside the Wellcome Trust.

From February to August 2012 I’ll be in residence at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. This is an institute within UCL (University College London), located at Queen Square in Bloomsbury, which conducts research on how processes such as perception, thought and emotion are realised in the human brain. I’ll be mainly working with the Speech Communication Lab, a group whose focus, as the name suggests, is on how speech is produced and processed. The lab is headed by Professor Sophie Scott but has several members and collaborators within the ICN and beyond it.