Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomena

“For the above example, subjects tended to guess /s/ as the initial phoneme and two as the number of syllables, and sound-related words like secant and sextet had come to mind (meaning-related words, e.g. compass, also occurred). Apparently there is much lexical-form information available in the TOT state.”
- Willem Levelt, Speaking: From Intention to Articulation (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press,1989), p.320.
Response 1:
it was a /r/
it was a /r/
it was a roastbeef butty
a rustbelt
some kind of berry
uhh… fruit sorbet
kind of pink fruit
on her head
a rose
buried beneath
a king
the kindness you find
in a strange land
Target phrase 1: Listen here
Response 2:
it’s /n/
it’s /n/
it’s numerous, a number of, of
Rhenish ballads gone bad, like
a nightly mind — reading tool
a rubberised cloud or
something about an airline?
it’s /n/ and /n/, it’s a noise anointed
rebel tune
Target phrase 2: Listen here