Interior Voices

Psychologist and novelist Charles Fernyhough and filmmaker Shona Illingworth discuss voices and interiority, memory, sound and landscape.

Recorded live on 11 May 2012 at the Artsadmin Cafe, London. This was the third in a series of public conversation with leading researchers exploring different aspects of the voice, chaired by James Wilkes.

Please note the original discussion contained a 5-minute screening of excerpts from Shona Illingworth’s film ‘The Watch Man’ which has been edited out of the recording.

Charles Fernyhough is a writer and psychologist. His biography of his three-year-old daughter, The Baby in the Mirror (Granta, 2008) has been translated into seven languages. His book Pieces of Light: The New Science of Memory is published by Profile Books, and his literary thriller about neuroscience, A Box of Birds, is forthcoming from Unbound. He teaches psychology at Durham University, and is leading an interdisciplinary project called ‘Hearing the Voice’.

Shona Illingworth creates video and sound installations that explore the experience of memory and identity and the politics of space in situations of social tension and trauma. She has worked closely with scientists to explore individual and collective memory and the mapping of mental space onto external terrain, themes which are explored in the Film and Video Umbrella publication The Watch Man – Balnakiel (2011). Her work has been shown at the Wellcome Collection and the Hayward Gallery in London, Cornerhouse in Manchester, and on Channel 4.

5 thoughts on “Interior Voices

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  2. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to attend the event, Interior Voices this Friday. Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

    Many thanks

    Lisa Aldwinckle
    Wimbledon, UK

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thanks for your interest. There’s no need to buy tickets; all the events are free and seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. The artsadmin cafe will be open from around 6.30 and we’ll start the talk at 7pm.

      Best wishes,

  3. salve sono claudio vorrei un aiuto riguardo alle voci interiori sono un anno che sento queste voci dentro di me non sò come fare avvolte mi sento a disagio con la gente per questo motivo. Sono un ragazzo che studia a napoli :) grazie

    • Salve Claudio. Mi dispiace sentire che e stato a disagio. Non sono esperto, ma ho chiesto a un collega per un consiglio. Dice che esperienze di questo tipo sono abbastanza comune, e non sono in se necessariamente un motivo di preoccupazione. Se si scopre che queste esperienze continuano a causare disagio significativo o interferire con i vostri rapporti o attività quotidiane, dovrebbe chiedere il consiglio del suo medico di famiglia. Trove anche utili informazioni di supporto qui: (in inglese) e qui: (in italiano).

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