We aspire to be acknowledged as one of the most reliable sources of advice and guides on quality water systems and products. The Vox Lab intends to offer straightforward recommendations on energy-saving, cost-effective, mobilize, and modern components. We stand by our vision which implies becoming the place where you go to know more about water filters, softeners, and numerous accessories to run water in your household

James Wilkes, Founder, Writer/Reviewer

As the founder of The Vox Lab, I have been working to deliver quality advice on utilizing water components for numerous households. Here, we believe that water quality is the most critical part of health care, so the investment and attention for the water system will never go to waste.

As a father of my children, I know how worried I am about the water quality in my household. And, we only want the best for our loved ones, so after some trials and errors, The Vox Lab is founded to offer just what people need for their families.

And as a professional water engineer, I plan to put all my resources into guiding you when handling your water system. Me on facebook